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Why Not To Use a Rug Doctor®?

Reputable professional carpet cleaners really work hard to provide the finest possible service for their clients. They spare no expense when it comes to the cleaning agents purchased or the equipment that is used. A high quality professional carpet cleaning machine can cost over $35,000 and has the power to insure no residue is left behind to attract soil. cleaning products

We occasionally clean for property management companies and have been in the cleaning industry for many years. It never ceases to amaze how inconsiderate and downright destructive people can be with property that doesn’t belong to them. In one apartment, the previous tenants had really outdone themselves: Spills and stains abounded. In some places, you couldn’t even tell what color the carpet was. It was so bad, the property manager had called the owners to say that the carpet would most likely have to be replaced... it was that bad.

So, during set up; getting out hoses, sprayers and a multitude of cleaning agents to remove the myriads of spots and stains, a curious tenant wandered up and started to talk with the property manager who had just let us into the apartment. It was during the course of their conversation that we overheard the phrase by this well-meaning neighbor: “Why don't you just rent a Rug Doctor, clean it yourself and save the money”.

That makes you think, hmmmm, why do people think they can do the same quality job with a machine that has a fraction of the cleaning power of the professionals? Most people think, “Anyone can clean a carpet - what’s so complicated about that?” You go to the store, rent a machine and Poof - you’re a carpet cleaner. Because you CAN do it yourself, many feel they can also get the SAME RESULTS that we do. Ah... if only it were that easy.

Even the largest carpet manufacturer in the world (Shaw) will tell you: Don’t do it yourself! They tell you to hire a certified professional cleaner. In fact, beginning in 2008, they will INSIST that you hire only certified carpet cleaners to clean their product or you will void part of your warranty. (By the way, the carpet was saved and it cleaned up beautifully... but, hey, that’s what pros do! )

Rug Doctors and other similar rental machines are death on your carpets and we have seen many beautiful carpets ruined this way.

Did you know that in the average home there are over two million dust mites feeding on dead skin scales and that dust mites can double their numbers in ten hours, and produce ten to twenty feces per day?
In the average home that would mean one hundred thousand dead bodies and thirty million pieces of feces added to your home every day.

• Microscopic mite feces and corpses are small enough to be airborne and get into the lungs.

• Eighty percent of the eleven million Americans who suffer from allergies are allergic to airborne mite refuse.

• Most common areas to find dust mites are where your skin contacts a
surface, like pillows, recliners, sofas, beds and the carpets surrounding them.

Allergy and Cold Sufferers - Mold + mildew + dust + pollens + bacteria = itchy, red, watering eyes and runny noses! Regularly scheduled professional carpet cleaning is a must if you or any member of your family suffers from allergies or frequent cold symptoms. Clean carpet may not cure the common cold or rid you of your allergies-but clean carpets can significantly reduce allergy and cold symptoms. Quit Suffering! Have your carpets cleaned at six to twelve month intervals.

Pet Stains - Act quickly!

What can happen to your home if you do not treat those odors caused by your pets? Over time, those odors can saturate other porous surfaces in your home, from window treatments to floor moldings, furniture to even the concrete foundation.
Restoration Carpet Cleaning recommends not only routine cleaning treatments, but proper maintenance to help eliminate odors from your home. pet odor

To start, it is important to clean urine spots on your floors as soon as possible. Keep in mind that cleaning the urine spot and treating for odor are two different actions.

When your pet first deposits urine on your floor (or couch or bed!), the urine is nearly neutral. Like most spills, it is easier to clean up and remove when it is fresh. However, once pet urine dries, it becomes more “alkaline” in composition, and not only becomes more difficult to remove, but it the smell is stronger.

If left for a long period of time (days, weeks, more), the pet urine can permanently damage the fabric structure and dyes, causing an irreparable stain. Even if the water-soluble deposits are removed, damage to the fabric may already have occurred.

Due to the chemical nature of pet urine, complete removal of all urine spots can not be guaranteed. The urine may be removed; the odor may be neutralized, but the stain or spot from the urine may still exist.

Please consult with your technician if you have questionable urine spots on your carpet.

What to do when your pet has an accident

Recommended Cleaning Method
Restoration Carpet Cleaning recommends home owners follow the following steps to prevent permanent staining in the future:

1) Clean urine spots immediately by blotting with a plain white paper towel or fabric towel. Continue to do this until no more urine is absorbed. (While stepping on the towel may seem to remove more moisture, it also may press it down into the padding and sub- flooring. Do not step on the wet area.)

2) To clean the spot, mix 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water, apply to another clean white terry cloth and again blot (do not rub back and forth) the spot with the solution

3) Continue to blot the carpet until no more urine is visible on the terry cloth, then blot with dry white paper towels (or terry cloths) until the carpet is dry to the touch.

4) An added step is to use a mini-steam carpet cleaner, if you have one. Flush the spot area with clean, fresh water, then dry as directed above.